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Morohito was naturally shocked , but Coach factory outlet and did not see people who want to see the king and then suddenly disappear like a general .

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"The game started ! " After a referee in charge of the elders cold dropped a word , they Piaoshen under the ring . Wang tightened guns , Chen Lin 's reputation he is not never heard of , the owner supernatural talent who, in the north of the shortage of a domain can be described as unique , the legendary Star- Chen Lin owners challenging environment expert strength. He does not know the true nature of Coach Official dead , now standing in front of his door but a newly recruited within less than one year 's newcomers.

Wang Chen Lin stared coldly , palms down casual , disdain: " ! You shot it ." "Chen brothers careful ! " This Wang heart whispered , in the hands of the action is unhappy star yuan circulation , in the hands of guns suddenly lit touch coach factory outlet online sale , instant Wang momentum changed. At this moment he is like a sword scabbard , the whole body exudes a touch of conquering mind , body if pine, eye if Han Xing , Chen Lin icy look forward to . "Drink ! " Suddenly roar, Wang moved the hands of guns , in a graceful arc across the sky , like a meteor generally bright , striking suddenly toward coach factory outlet . Chen Lin Wang looked at the cold face of guns is really close care , does not seem to see the general . "It's too bold Chen Lin , what ? Naked contempt for it?"