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Morohito was naturally shocked , but Coach factory outlet and did not see people who want to see the king and then suddenly disappear like a general .

And everyone seems to be specifically against until Wang gunpoint

And everyone seems to be specifically against until Wang gunpoint from his head only when under two inches of Chen Lin still remain defiant eyes, but in addition there is no action. Erupted even secretly concerned about this war winds Mo Yun , who are showing a touch surface color, is this really is looking for the dead king then not . Wang did not know , seeing Chen Lin does not hide flash , as if on glue general , the surface could not help showing a touch of excitement and color .

Xingyuan pushed , hand guns light than before , suddenly intensified , fiercely striking his head toward Chen Lin . Does not hide flash ? Coach handbags wrinkled brow slowly , suddenly lit up , but it is thought of a possible ! "Laugh ! " Wang gunpoint unhindered Chen Lin thorn to the head .

Imagine the carnage scattered scenes did not occur, the surface gradually Wang stiff smile , because he found the hands of guns is like being stuck in general, nothing can move forward . "Bang ! " Suddenly a touch of light emitted from the body of Chen Lin , the original is also considered a treasure of guns , suddenly , such as lightning , gleaming gunpoint , suddenly a bright , then in a loud voice to be frittering . " Wow ! " At the same time , a blood from his mouth Wang , Chen Lin 's stature suddenly move, with a hint of contempt in the eyes of all , the whole physique turned into a ghost , severely beat up in the king cut East on the neck .

" Kaca ! " Came the sound of a crisp , Wang had not even had time to send out a cry, a crooked head , clearly marks the emergence of a layer of broken neck , vaguely have dense bones turned out to pierce the skin . Final " bang" , Wang 's widened his eyes, wasted step down on the ground . Looking at the ring eyes spilled , a pale Wang , a lot of people are chill touch of the heart rises . See more means to kill , but so fierce direct or rarely seen.