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Morohito was naturally shocked , but Coach factory outlet and did not see people who want to see the king and then suddenly disappear like a general .

At this time a middle-aged man walked toward the Coach outlet and worship

At this time a middle-aged man walked toward the Coach outlet and worship , said : "! Coach outlet senior, master has been waiting in the main hall , just waiting for the brothers went to the Coach outlet " ! " Ah " coach factory outlet frowned , cold channel: "A big shelf ! " The middle-aged man a shiver , but it is not nonsense, but bowed: " ! Master his old busy , please Coach outlet brothers understanding ."

Coach outlet cold sound of a hum , glanced at the middle-aged , cold channel: " ! Lead the way , I 'd like to see what tricks he can play ." Middle-aged not neglect, immediately bend worship , this went on. Not much effort , they came to a grand hall, the middle-aged Gong Sheng said : "! Coach outlet Brother , let me go ."

Coach outlet not ignore this person, sit glanced at this hall , seems vaguely aware of what is wrong , but this is nothing but forest day I were only five star product , but added nothing to hesitate . Those who deal with a five star product , even if the grid can not be killed , but escaped Coach outlet is very confident . Mouzhong cold light flashed , coach outlet strides walked toward the house . " Squeak " the doors are opened slowly , Coach outlet not react , suddenly a big breeze blowing , and a roar of rage attendant , "Coach outlet, you dare to harm me ! "