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Morohito was naturally shocked , but Coach factory outlet and did not see people who want to see the king and then suddenly disappear like a general .

Coach factory outlet frowned when he came in

Footsteps came together on at this time , Coach factory outlet frowned when he came in , he gave orders not to disturb people , even after so many days , has become a habit, I did not expect or will someone come . Mouzhong flashed a Lengran , coach factory outlet online sale still waiting to come to appear.

" Da da da " accompanied by a brisk footsteps , a figure appeared in the hall slowly mouth , long body Yuli , a white robe , with a faint hint of arrogance surface , look in the eyes of Coach factory outlet emergence touch bright , bend and worship, and said: " ! seen Coach factory outlet brothers , in my Master 's ...... " White boy not yet finished, "Boom ! " Loud noise, such as chest suddenly struck by lightning , the surface of a white, whole stature suddenly inverted out . Stature doubled, sit down sky, " wow " sound, could not stop a blood spray out, white boy look in the eyes of Coach factory outlet is full of dismay of color .

Coach factory outlet fleet does not know when it has appeared in the hall mouth , Mouguang a deep, full -color Lengran face , the look of dismay on the ground face white boy ,coach factory outlet sale cold channel: " I ??do not care what you are , when the Oscars to eat, I do not want to disturb by others , do not know when you come in you? " "What happened , give me waiting outside ! " Cold sound of a hum , Coach Handbags in front of the doors slammed closed, leaving only his face pale white boy , face glow transform variable , and ultimately a bite stood up , his chest still aches , but he is straightened stature , really waiting at the door. Many people outside the hospital saw this scene are whispering.