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Morohito was naturally shocked , but Coach factory outlet and did not see people who want to see the king and then suddenly disappear like a general .

Coach outlet looked cold standing in front of Han

Coach outlet looked cold standing in front of Han , who face Cuhao , Qiuran occur, a repair is achieved throughout the Nine Star believers , now facing its own glare. Soon everyone will be found lying on the ground constantly vomiting forest days , Han also gave Coach outlet, flying swept day in the forest beside the club will look tense up, anxious and said: "Master , are you okay ? "

"He ...... he ...... he ...... ! " Lin -day pointing fingers trembling outlet, seems to want to strive to express something, suddenly protruding eyes , holding his incredible look to Han , but he is most proud of himself disciples ! Yin Xiao Han fundus touch of flash, turn grief shouted and said: " Master, Master you how?" Shouting while quickly shut the forest a few days of big hole , but it was too late , this forest days in the magic clouds were also considered high position , so quietly died. Coach outlet sit on the sidelines , at the last minute that Lin Tianming explicit want to say anything, but that shift with a star Han Lin Yuan -day systolic algorithm of fault , which led to rapid death of the forest days , although this scene happened very secretive, but how can hide from Coach outlet.

Coach outlet although clearly ,coach outlet store online but then people do not know that most people are unaware of , seeing the dead forest days , are issued by the cries of grief . " Kill Coach outlet, as Master revenge ! " Do not know exactly who the head with a dozen disciples arrived later , his eyes were blood red , fiercely rushing towards the Coach outlet . Coach outlet sit looking at the crowd , recite his hands ,coach factory outlet facing the sky Jianguang not care , mouth and sketched out a touch Lengran arc.